In our latest poll, we decided to look into what factors help men make their holiday decisions, and we found out that a tenth of them base their choice on what sporting events are going on at various locations.

It would appear that sun, sea and sand are minor factors taken into account by some men when booking their holiday and they would rather spend it perusing one of their most loved hobbies. We surveyed 1,823 men aged 18 to 30 from around the UK in order to find out what influenced their holiday booking decisions.

12% of those polled said they had booked a holiday based around a sporting event

When we asked the gentlemen polled ‘What factors have affected your previous holiday bookings when looking into going abroad?’ the top five answers were:

1.       Weather in destination – 57%

2.       Nightlife in destination – 49%

3.       Likelihood of bikini-clad women – 23%

4.       Sporting events in destination – 12%

5.       Food available in destination – 8%

Rugby topped the list of sporting events that had affected people’s decisions of where to go on holiday

The men who said that ‘sporting events in destination’ had affected their decision of where to go on holiday in the past were asked which sport in particular had swayed their choice. The top five most popular sports were as follows:

1.       Rugby – 25%

2.       Football – 21%

3.       Cricket – 17%

4.       Tennis – 14%

5.       Athletics – 9%

Whilst women may generally be more concerned about the shopping opportunities that a destination offers, it seems men have other ideas. There must be some pretty unhappy wives and girlfriends out there who have had an unwelcome surprise in the form of a sports match whilst on holiday!

Obviously, the weather is an influencing factor for almost everybody. However, if there happens to be a football match on that coincides with your holidays, then it’s a great idea!

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Posted : Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 at 11:00
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