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10 Things to do in Faro

Faro is the regional capital of the Algarve region in southern Portugal. I spent four nights there in late March 2012, staying at the Santa Maria Hotel. While many people fly into Faro Airport and then head straight for a resort, I think Faro is a very interesting city and certainly worth a day trip. Here are my tips for ten things to do in Faro.

Take a Boat Trip

There are several options for boat trips. You can take a traditional boat around the lagoons of the Ria Fromoso Natural Park.

Boat trips from Faro

Ride the Road Train

The Faro Road Train will take you on a ride around the city’s main sites.

Faro road train

Discover the Street Art

There’s lots of street art in Faro, especially close to the railway station.

Street art in Faro, Portugal

Watch the Sunset from Faro Marina

Get down to the Marina as dusk is falling, and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to watch the sunset. There’s a cafe right by the Marina.

Faro Marina at sunset

Visit the Municipal Museum

The museum is housed in a former 16th century convent and there’s a large Roman mosaic on display.

Municipal Museum Faro

Get Your Bearings from the Giant Compass

Just down from the Marina close to the departure point for the boat trips, there’s a giant compass in the pavement.

Giant compass in pavement in Faro

Check Out What’s on at the ARC

The Recreation Cultural Association building is behind the railway station. When I was in Faro there was a heavy metal band playing one night and a day-time event for fantasy board game fans.

Posters at Musicians Recreation & Cultural Association in Faro

Climb the Cathedral Bell Tower

You’ll get some great views over Faro from the Bell Tower of the Cathedral.

View from bell tower of Faro Cathedral

Visit the Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum is by the Marina, but watch out as it’s only open Monday to Friday and closes for a two and a half hour lunch break between noon and 2.30pm.

Maritime Museum Faro

Spot Storks

You can see storks everywhere in Faro. There was one performing its mating dance at the Cathedral Bell Tower and one pair had even built their nest on some lights at a roundabout.

Stork's nest on lampost on Faro, Portugal

Photo credits to Karen Bryan

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