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When will your 2011 holiday be?

Have you booked your 2011 holiday yet? Maybe you’ve already been away this year! Here at, we decided to find out more about peoples’ travel plans this year and if they had changed for any reason. We polled a sample of 1,825 British holidaymakers and asked them to share their travel plans for 2011 with us. We also took a look at some of our site statistics to get more of an insight.

Half have already booked their 2011 holiday

54% of the people we polled had already booked their holiday for this year, whilst 6% had already taken a trip abroad for a break. 24% of the people we spoke to were planning to book their 2011 holiday, whilst the remaining people were sadly not planning to go away.

A fifth swapped summer holiday for Easter break this year

Everyone’s been talking about the extra Bank Holiday provided by the Royal Wedding this year. Kate and Prince William’s wedding couldn’t fall on a better day; the fact it’s right next to Easter means we get two consecutive four day weekends in a row, so you only have to book a few days off work to get a fortnight off! 21% of the people who had already booked their holiday for this year said they had swapped their usual summer break for an Easter-time holiday. When asked why, 89% said they had done it to take advantage of the longer Bank Holiday made available due to the Royal Wedding.

29% plan to take time off work over the Easter bank holiday

Nearly a third of respondents said they either had or planned to book time off work in April to take advantage of the longer Bank Holiday. On the other hand, 3% thought the extra Bank Holiday was ‘unnecessary.’ Here at, we’ve seen a 41% increase in Easter holiday bookings when compared to the same time in 2010, so we can only assume that many people had the same idea. Who can blame them? Whatever your holiday plans are this year, just make sure you enjoy it to the full!

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  1. margaret tunstall says:

    i go away twice a year march and november, my holiday for november is already booked with sunshine. i always go to benidorm with my friends, we go there for the line dancing

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