So which are the most romantic cities in Europe? Well you could argue that many places can be romantic if you’re there with the right person, however it just seems that some settings ooze more romance than others. However it’s probably better not to go there for Valentine’s Day when prices rise and the atmosphere may be a trifle contrived. I believe that it’s much better to go to celebrate an occasion or date personal to you. I’d advocate that it’s perfectly possible to enjoy romantic locations on your own, if you veer toward the “exciting and mysterious quality” definition of romance.

Here are my three top romantic spots in European cities.


When in Rome my husband and I stayed in a hotel close to the beautiful Trevi Fountain. Although it may have been tempting to re-enact the scene from the Fellini film, La Dolce Vita, and go for a dip in the fountain, we didn’t want to risk spending the night in a (very unromantic) prison cell, if arrested by the local police. So we had to make do with enjoying an ice cream cone, from the amazing array of flavours available at the nearby gelaterie, while sedately seated admiring the fountain. Although I threw a coin in the fountain, which should ensure my return to Rome, I haven’t been back again yet.

Trevi fountain


Zadar lies on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. On the promenade there’s a sea organ which produces eerie sounds through wave and wind movements. I’d struggle to call it music but it is very soulful. If you combine this with a lovely sunset, reckoned by Alfred Hitchcock to be the most beautiful in the world, this is my top romantic spot in Zadar.

Zadar Sunset


I happened upon Girona by chance merely because it’s one of the Barcelona airports used by Ryanair (even although it’s around 100 kilometres north of Barcelona). The city walls has to rank as my favourite romantic spot in the city. The views over the city and the surrounding countryside are amazing. There are various towers along the walls you can climb up or you can sit in the gardens close to walls’ entrance behind the cathedral.

Do you have a favourite romantic spot in any European cites?

Photo Credits: raindog, toucego.

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