Is it time for a holiday? Then it’s time to start planning, researching and sifting through hundreds (?) of your favourite websites! But how do you know if you’re booking the best hotel for you? Sure, you may find a room for $30 a night but what their ad doesn’t tell you may end up costing you more money than if you were to pay more upfront at a better recommended hotel. And now comes the wonderful world of reading through hotel reviews (what a joy huh?).

Here’s some tips and things to look for out for when booking your hotel.

Sure, it looks nice in the photos, but...

Go With the Majority

Obviously when you read a review like, “The room we stayed in was impeccable, this hotel has really out done themselves. I couldn’t be any happier with the service, friendliness of the staff and overall experience at this hotel.” And when you continue to see more reviews along that line of the same place now that’s one heck of a hotel right?! But what happens if among those hundreds of great reviews you start spotting a few reviews that sound like, “How can this place even be called a hotel?! It took over 2 hours for anyone to bring up my luggage to my room and the view was horrific. I will be calling their headquarters tomorrow and expect a full refund for this horrible service.”

Things may seem a bit tricky but I say go with the majority, keep the other bad reviews in mind, but some people tend to be over the top about a small situation they had that really has nothing to do with future guests.  Sometimes, people just have the wrong expectations.

Check Out All the Extras

When you are browsing through various hotels and you find previous guests raving on about how big the swimming pool is or included wi-fi you need to figure out if those are amenities worth noting. You need to decide on what amenities are a deal breaker (much like searching for an apartment or a house) and if you decide a swimming pool is a must then consider hotels where they are ranked in added features such as a pool. Many people will also write about whether or not the amenities are really worth the extra bucks so pay attention to those types of reviews as they can be very helpful.

Is Location Important To You?

Many times you will spot a review like, “Our room was very accommodating, nothing too special, but since it was located right in downtown we saved a bundle on taxi fares.” So if you are not looking for a 5 star resort type of place and being right between the all the main attractions of downtown is your idea of awesome then this review has just raised the bar for other hotels to compare to. You can always look at the hotel choices on a map but hearing from someone else that a ton of restaurants are within walking distance or that transportation is easy to find can really boost up your decision making to which hotel is worth the cost.

How do you discern between hotel reviews, good and bad?

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