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When Budgie Smugglers Go Bad

30 Best Examples of Exceeding the Speedo Limits

The UK is grey and dull, what better excuse do you need to get-your-holiday-on-courtesy of the sunshine.co.uk team, but hang on, we are not all about the sell sell sell, we try and bring sunshine into your lives in many different ways.

Today we are all about celebrating the most famous piece of manly swimwear ever invented: The Mighty Budgie Smuggler.

We are guessing that Mr Speedo did not realise that not only did he invent a classic piece of swimwear, but also the kind of entertainment that would have British holiday-makers sniggering at foreigners for years to come.

Our research team has pleasure in presenting to you; The Top 30 Best Pictures of Rogue Budgie Smugglers.

Our legal eagles forced us to say one thing about all of this: A word of warning; we at sunshine.co.uk are not responsible for the links in the picture credits, you click them at your own risk!

Let’s start with a collection of famous examples of Budgie¬†Smuggling



Don't Hassle the Hoff's Budgie

Never Hassle The Hoff’s Budgie

(pic cred)

Arnie Won't Be Back

I’ll be Black Speedos

(pic cred)

Mark Spitz in Budgie Smigglers

Olympic Budgie Smuggling

(pic cred)

Rod Stewart Budgie Smuggling Classic

Have I told You Lately That I Budgie Smuggle?

(pic cred)

Giorgio Armani in his tighties

Armani – Posh Budgie Smuggling

(pic cred)

Simon Cowell in Speedos

Simon Cowell-esque High Waistline Budgie Smuggling

(pic cred)

David Wilkie in Speedos

Golden Budgie Smuggler 2.0

(pic cred)

Political Budgie Smuggler

Oz Politician Caught Throwing Another Budgie on the Smuggler

(pic cred)

Now, how’s about some classic Sock Down The Pants Speedos

Sock in speedo

We are Gonna Need a Bigger Speedo – The 10 Sock Stuffer

(pic cred)

Two Socks Budgie Smuggling

Two Socks Budgie Smuggling

His Native American Name is: Two Socks Budgie Smuggling

(pic cred)

water and speedos budgie smuggling

Water and Electric Doesn’t Mix – Water and Budgie Smugglers? Well That is a Different Story.

(pic cred)

Hand Holding Sock Stuffer

Hand Holding, Sock Stuffing, Budgie Smuggler

(pic cred)

wet-sock-budgie smuggling

His Socks are Getting Wet – Budgie Smuggling

(pic cred)

Accessorised Budgie Smugglers

An Accessorised Budgie Smuggler

(pic cred)

Socks Galore Budgie Smuggling

A Tube of Socks Budgie Smuggler

(pic cred)

Fancy Speedos

Multi-coloured Budgie Smuggling

(pic cred)

Examples of Budgie Smuggling where the wearer has obviously walked past the razor that morning…

mohican budgie smuggling

Budgie with a Mohican

(pic cred)

Furry Budgie Smuggling

Not so much Budgie Smuggling as Furry Dog Smuggling

(pic cred)

Hairy Smuggler

Hairy Budgie Smuggler with God on His Side

(pic cred)

Remember, always strike a pose when budgie smuggling!

hello sailor

Hello Sailor – Nice Budgie Smuggling

(pic cred)


Oh Hey There – your Budgie Smugglers Must Work Out

(pic cred)

Left Hand up Smuggling

Raise Your Left Hand if you are a Budgie Smuggler Lover

(pic cred)

budgie smuggling stance

Left Arm Up – Swimming Cap On Budgie Smuggling

(pic cred)

Well hellow there

When Budgie Smugglers Misunderstand the dress code

(pic cred)

Budgie Smugglers who get their money’s worth out of their Speedos

Budgie Smuggling Battle

Muffled Budgie – Hidden Smuggler

(pic cred)

rest those smugglers

Budgie Smugglers Need to Rest Too!

(pic cred)

One man and his boat smuggling

Reflecting on a Good Day’s Budgie Smuggling

(pic cred)

lost half his budgie

Hidden Budgie, Oiled Smuggler

(pic cred)

And Just Plain Odd Smuggling!

wings out smuggling

Oh Hi, You Seem to Have Slipped out a Little Bit – Budgie Smuggling

Budgie Smuggling Perfection

End on a high – Budgie Smuggling Perfection! Mullet (tick), Guns (tick), Guitar (tick), Ammo (tick) Budgie Smuggler (hell yeah!)

(pic cred)

So, there you have it, 30 of the best Budgie Smuggling snaps from around the world. Time to share with your mates…

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