I like to say that sometimes, we should treat ourselves like kids when we’re on a holiday. Why? Well, a lot of times travel can be a big hassle. You know what I mean – deciding where to go, then which hotel, then packing, then surviving the airport experience (easier said than done), and once you’ve arrived, things aren’t always perfect. Kids get sick, adults get sunburnt, or maybe it rained.

No reason to despair, though – here are my top 5 suggestions for low cost ways to treat yourself on that next trip.

1: Go to a Bakery or Candy Shop

Even if you’re watching your figure, a piece of candy or a croissant won’t hurt too much. And what’s even more fun is trying something that you don’t have at home – even if you don’t end up liking it, at least it makes for a good story.

You might also want to think about buying a few extra little things to have in your hotel room. It’s just nice to have a few bites for noshing – even if you’re in an all inclusive, you don’t have to schlep across the property in your robe for a snack.

2: Go to the park and sit, or walk.

Seems simple, but how many times have you went to one of the parks in your home town? We often overlook what’s in our own backyard, and I’ve yet to go to a destination that didn’t have some sort of outdoor area perfect for a stroll, sitting and just thinking and enjoying being somewhere new. Best part? Parks are usually free.

3: Get in the water.

Nothing wrong with slowing down a little bit – so why not splash around in whatever water your hotel offers: a hot bath in your room, a sit in the jacuzzi or a bit of doggy paddle in the pool. Secondary benefit is that this is a good stretch for weary legs and shoulders carrying around all your bags and things.

4: Try the local tipple.

Nothing says relax that a shot of whatever’s pouring locally, whether that’s a microbrew, a local wine, or a potent liqueur. You don’t have to overdo it, but a couple won’t hurt! 🙂 And also, if the souvenir shops have minis, these can make great gifts for friends back home – just make sure you don’t put oversized liquids into your carry-on luggage.

5: Go to the music store.

I love foreign bookstores, but if you don’t speak the language you’ll be stuck in an English language bookstore, which can be fun. I prefer music stores because you can see what music is hot in that area and see if there are any good local bands to download to your iPhone/iPod or pick up a CD. If you’re on a budget, you can just listen to some tunes if they have those groovy listening stations and get dancing. It’s free to listen!

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Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes is a travel journalist currently based in Seattle, Washington. When not soaking up the Pacific Northwest lifestyle or enjoying life on the road, he is spending time hanging out on his own travel lifestyle magazine, Sharing Travel Experiences.

Posted : Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 at 11:00
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