It’s hard to believe a huge company like Kodak, who started us all on the path to a more digital photography experience, is getting out of the photography game. Why? Because they can’t compete with the hundreds of companies who are constantly innovating and carving out their own pockets of photography coolness. Let’s focus today on some great ideas for sharing those great pics you’ve been taking.

Make Your Own Postcards

I’m loving the Impressions App (currently only iPhone) because you can use it to make your own postcard images! I’ve talked about mobile apps before, but haven’t mentioned Impressions yet. What you do is just load up your image and then you can add text of varying sizes and fonts. You can only do 1 phrase at a time, but you can edit a photo multiple times. So cool – and easy to send messages to loved ones.

Storage and Sharing

Facebook is probably the most popular way to share your travel photos – and why not, given how easy it is to create albums, tag people in photos, use the geolocation features, and decide which groups of your facebook friends can see which albums (sorry, mom, this one’s not for you).  I’d also suggest if you are looking for other alternatives – the downside to Facebook is their surly terms of service – check out Picplz. They have both Android and iPhone apps, and in addition to sharing and commenting features, they also offer a variety of Instagram-like filters, which may be the vintage fix that Android users have been needing.

Second to Facebook is the old standard, Flickr. While their site hasn’t changed much over the years, you have a generous amount of uploads before you have to upgrade to the premium version (which isn’t expensive). Smugmug and 500px are two alternatives for photos storage that have garnered a lot of attention from the professional photography community. One tip is that if you take a lot of photos with your phone, see if your storage solution lets you email in photos – this is a fast and easy way to get good pics off your phone.

Before You Share That….

Before sharing, how about doing a little clean-up?  Or some fun filters?

If you’ve got an iPhone, you’re lucky in that there are seemingly hundreds of filter apps (many free, such as Instagram, which I’ve used above) that offer you editing opportunities.  But you don’t have to edit in an app; one of my favourite editors has long been Picnik, where you an crop and resize, add text, use filters, and clean-up even the worst shot. Sadly, Google is closing them down, but I’ve been looking at some of the alternatives, such as Photoshop Express, which offers 2GB of online storage/sharing in addition to lots of editing features.

Photo Credits: eTourismInsight, Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes is a travel journalist currently based in Seattle, Washington. When not soaking up the Pacific Northwest lifestyle or enjoying life on the road, he is spending time hanging out on his own travel lifestyle magazine, Sharing Travel Experiences.

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