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Best Beaches in Italy

Italy’s boot like shape in the Med means that it’s almost surrounded by the sea. The rugged coastline is extremely interesting in that it contains an infinite variety of formations, ranging from the rocky to the perfect sandy beach. Add the weather and the rest of what Italy’s got to offer and you have the perfect combination – now all you’ve got to do is choose a location, then a beach. Just make sure it’s part of the Blue Flag Programme, meaning it’s safe for swimming.

Mondello Beach

How about a dip by ancient Greek ruins in Sicily’s Syracuse?  Choose between Taormina beach with views of Mt. Etna or Fontane Bianche for people watching.

sicily 101

Capri off southern Italy’s Sorrento peninsula is an amazingly beautiful natural location, possibly best visited during early summer/late autumn to avoid the crowds. Capri is home to the magnificent Marina di Mulo and Bagni di Tiberio beaches on the north and south sides, respectively. However, many hotels have their own stretch of sand and there are also many small inlets and coves that you can reach either by swimming or taking a boat.

Capri. #1.

In the south of Naples, Sorrento combines small sandy beaches in what is a mostly rocky coastline, with a lively atmosphere, great nightlife and some typically Italian shopping experiences.

Marina Grande, Sorrento, Italy

Italy’s Amalfi Coast, possibly best experienced via a scenic drive on the winding coastal road, is breathtaking. There are not many off-road opportunities for swimming, unless you go into one of the villages such as the ancient Roman retreat of Positano, which literally hangs off the side of a sea cliff. After a walk through the blossoming flowers hanging from terracotta pots in the village, head either for the main beach at Spiaggia Grande, the small Fornillo beach, or hire a boat to any of the small private coves just round the rocky cliffs. Amalfi itself is a similar situation and there are several secluded nude bathing opportunities here too.

Positano shore

Monterosso beach in Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera combines lovely swimming with an authentic Italian seascape feel.


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