Our latest survey has found that many of you are forgoing your recommended pre-holiday injections when visiting exotic countries. The majority of you stated your fear of needles was the main reason for avoiding the dreaded jabs.

Whilst not all holiday destinations require that you have inoculations prior to visiting, many popular locations, including Mauritius, the Maldives and the Caribbean islands do advise that people visiting should have some vaccinations to protect themselves.

After we noticed an increase in people searching for holidays to exotic destinations, we polled 1,827 people, each of whom had been abroad in the past three years to a destination where vaccinations were recommended for.

43% of those polled said they hadn’t had the recommended vaccinations when travelling to a previous holiday destination that required them to

When asked ‘Did you have the recommended vaccinations when travelling to a previous destination that required you to?’ 43% of those polled said ‘no’. These respondents were then asked to state their reasons for this decision, to which the most common answers were as follows:

  • Too scared of needles- 36%
  • Couldn’t afford it- 29%
  • Didn’t think I really needed it- 19%
  • Forgot to get it- 11%

9% of those that didn’t get a vaccination said they subsequently couldn’t get insurance for their trip

Just under a tenth, 9%, of those that didn’t get the recommended vaccinations for their holiday said that they couldn’t get insurance for that particular trip, based on the fact that they hadn’t had the injections.

With the most popular holidays being taken in destinations closer to home, like Spain or Greece, vaccinations aren’t always the first thought for people going abroad.

Holidaymakers may be surprised at the list of destinations that you are recommended to get vaccinations for when visiting, but many people choose to ignore them because they aren’t compulsory.

It was quite shocking to find out that the majority of the people we polled didn’t have the recommended injections due to their fear of needles. It’s certainly worth putting your phobias and money concerns to one side and concentrating on your health.

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Posted : Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 at 11:00
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