Our latest poll has revealed the top ten destinations around the world that Brits would most like a holiday home in, with France topping the charts. The Costa Del Sol and Tenerife respectively followed in the top three.

We polled 1,997 people aged 18-50 around the UK and asked them their opinions and attitudes towards holidays homes. We all know that people go abroad on holidays, but we wanted to dig around the idea of more and more people going back to the same place every year and the possibility of wanting a holiday home abroad.

76% said that they would like a home holiday abroad

Only 6% of the people we polled said that they currently owned a holiday home abroad. However, a whopping three quarters of those who said that they currently didn’t have one admitted that that they would like one.

We asked those who wanted a holiday home where they would most like their second home to be. The most desirable destinations for holiday homes were as follows:

1.      South of France

2.      Costa del Sol

3.      Tenerife

4.      Australia

5.      Barbados

6.      Cyprus

7.      Croatia

8.      Hawaii

9.      The Algarve

10.    Switzerland

Only 7% think they will realistically ever get a holiday Home abroad

It was really interesting to see which locations around the world people would most like to have a second home in. The South of France is a lovely location and as it’s not too far away from the UK, with many Britons often seeing it as a ‘home from home’. However, it is a shame to see that only 7% of people think that they’ll realistically be able to get a holiday home in the future.

People seem to think that a holiday home is just a luxury dream that only a few can afford, but there are some really good property bargains to be had abroad!

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Posted : Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 at 11:00
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