Our latest survey has found that not everyone is excited about the Olympic Games coming to London, as almost a third of Brits plan to go away on holiday during the busy period.

With the big event less than a year away, we decided to find out what you guys were planning to do around the time of the Olympics and whether the games will affect your holiday plans for next year.

So, we polled a total of 1,597 British adults in order to get a clearer idea of people’s holiday plans for next year.

34% of those polled said they planned to go away during the London Olympics

When asked ‘Do you plan on going on holiday between 27th July and 12th August 2012, whilst the Olympic Games are taking place?’ 34% of the people polled said ‘yes’. 67% of those said they had already booked their holiday for that time, whilst the remaining respondents had plans to do so.

A third of those going away during that time stated that they wanted to get away from the Olympic Games.

When asked to explain the reasons for their decision to go away on holiday during this time, the most common answers were as follows:

·         To get away from the busy period of the Olympic Games – 33%

·         Normally go away at that time – 27%

·         To get away during school holidays – 19%

·         No particular reason – 11%

Two-fifths thought they would get a better deal going on holiday whilst the Olympics were on

42% of those polled were under the impression they would get a better deal for a holiday abroad if they go whilst the Olympic Games were on in 2012.

24% were under the impression resorts abroad would be ‘less busy’ when the Olympics were being held in London in 2012.

Obviously, London will be a lot busier during the Olympic Games, but that’s all part of the experience! The games will be happening in various locations around the UK, but places outside of London shouldn’t be that busy.

It is a very common time of year for people to go away, particularly with the school holidays, so it was interesting to find out that this wasn’t the main reason for people choosing to holiday at that time.

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Posted : Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 at 11:00
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