It would seem that recent episodes of the X Factor have been influencing the holiday choices of Britons, as our site statistics have revealed an increase in searches for the various locations of the judge’s houses since the shows aired.

Since the episodes of the judge’s houses were on the telly box, we’ve seen a surge in searches for holidays to Mykonos, where Tulisa held the final auditions of the group’s category. So we decided to look into searches for holidays to the three other judge’s houses locations and found that the results were pretty similar!

Searches to Mykonos increased by 47%

According to site statistics, searches for the judges houses destinations increased by the following amounts after the airing of the shows, when compared to the previous weekend.

Mykonos, Greece – 47%

Barcelona – 39%

Miami – 31%

Los Angeles – 22%

Tulisa’s villa in Mykonos seemed to attract the most interest from viewers, if our site statistics were anything to go by! Searches for holidays to Barcelona, where Louis Walsh and the Over 25’s category were based, also increased by almost two fifths when compared to the same time period the previous week.

Kelly Rowland’s Miami pad, where final auditions for the girls were held, also potentially caused Britons to want to holiday there, as we saw a 31% increase in searches since the shows aired when compared to the previous weekend.

Gary Barlow’s LA house, where the boys travelled to for their last auditions, received the least interest, but searches still increased by 22%.

It’s not uncommon for us to see an increase in searches to the judge’s houses destinations around the time of the X Factor. The production team certainly do a good job of making the locations look glamorous, so it’s no surprise that the public take inspiration from that!

Mykonos certainly is a lovely place to holiday, but if people are booking in the hope they might see some celebs, Miami and LA will probably be your best bets!

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Posted : Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 at 11:00
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