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Budget Traveller Tips for Staying Fit

At home, I like to stay fit with my regular workout regime, but things can get a bit lax on holiday.  That’s ok, but I find that when I’m working out less and eating/drinking more (ok, no finger pointing!), I start to feel pretty lousy.

You probably already know that getting a good walk in or taking the stairs now and then can help.  But let’s talk about some other more interesting ways that you can use to stay fit and feel good about yourself during the trip.

Pack the basics.

You’ve packed the comfortable shoes, right?  I love my sandals just as much as the next person, but if I’m hiking up medieval walls and walking 6 miles in a day, I’m wearing supportive shoes.

But going beyond that, I like to pack stretch bands.  You can find ones that take up very little space but they help you do some really good stretching back at the hotel.  One of the biggest problems of travel is all the wear and tear on your back – pulling luggage, heavy rucksacks, awkward airplane seats, etc.  A good stretch does wonders, trust me.

Join a running tour.

Running tours – quite literally, a guided tour that you enjoy while running – have become quite popular in many large cities, and the bonus is you get to see some things while you’re fitting in your workout.  The downside is that if you aren’t a regular runner at home, an hour-long jog might feel less like a holiday and more like work, but there are a variety of options.

For an easier alternative, consider looking at Meetup.com for hiking groups or walking groups?  Meet some locals, and many of these groups are free to attend.

Ask the hotel concierge/front desk.

I find front desk staff can be very accommodating when helping out with working out tips, especially if your hotel doesn’t have a gym.  They might be able to make a recommendation or have coupons.  I find it’s always good to be very specific about what you are looking for to get the best advice – especially with a concierge, who you might want to give them some time to find what you’re looking for if he/she doesn’t know off the top of their head.

Ask first – don’t just show up in your running shorts down in the lobby asking for a map and where to go.

Try Social Media for specific destination tips.

Last but certainly not least, if you don’t know any locals in your destination but want to do some planning ahead, then try hopping on social media for some tips about free options for working out, safe and suitable walking/running/hiking paths.   While I wouldn’t go to the gym with a stranger, I tend to notice the best tips tend to quickly rise to the top; also local tourist boards always have good advice like this on hand if you ask nicely.

How do you stay fit on the road?

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