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Car Hire on Holiday on the Up

Our latest survey has revealed that car hire overseas by UK holidaymakers is rising, with more people braving foreign roads this year.

We decided to carry out a study as part of our ongoing research into the holiday habits and preferences of British holidaymakers. 1,199 UK adults were polled in the survey, each of whom had been abroad at least once in 2010 and once in 2011.

Just a fifth of respondents hired a car whilst on holiday abroad in 2010

We initially asked respondents, ‘Did you hire a car on any of your holidays abroad in 2010?’ just a fifth, 19%, of the respondents who took part in the study answered ‘yes’.

However, 38% of those polled had hired a car whilst on holiday in 2011

When asked the same question regarding car hire whilst on holiday in 2011, 38% of the people we polled answered ‘yes’.

People have ‘more money to spend’ on holiday add-ons

We asked respondents who hired a car in 2011, but didn’t do so on their holiday(s) in 2010 to explain their reasons for this. The top reasons for more people hiring a car in 2011, rather than in 2010, were as follows:

  • More money to spend on holiday add-ons – 22%
  • Car hire not required on last holiday – 19%
  • Used for transfers to and from airport – 17%
  • No particular reason – 15%
  • Got a good deal with booking – 9%

79% of those that had hired a car on holiday felt it had ‘enhanced’ their holiday experience

Of those who had previously hired a car on holiday, either in 2011 or 2010, 79% felt it had ‘enhanced’ their holiday experience, whilst 6% felt it ‘wasn’t worthwhile’. Half of those polled, 52%, said they would ‘probably’ hire a car on holiday in 2012 if applicable.

Hiring a car whilst you’re away on holiday can really help you make the most of it, as you get to go places that might not necessarily of been accessible without it. The fact that the majority of respondents who hired a car on one of their last holidays said it had made their experience better, just goes to show how successful it can be!

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