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Completing your ATOL claim form


If you’re one of our customers who has been affected by Holidays 4U going into administration, you will have to complete an ATOL claim form to have your money for your flight returned.

You can download the form here.

The full form contains 12 sections, but we only require you to fill out sections 7 & 8 and send it to us with the requested documentation. We’ll complete the rest of the form for you (we’re well practiced at this from the collapse of XL, Goldtrail & Kiss), avoiding many common mistakes that could delay your refund. Once you have filled in sections 7 & 8, it must be returned directly to us, our address is below.

Below is a step by step guide to completing sections 7 & 8.

Section 7

This section must be completed by the Lead Passenger. The Lead Passenger is the name used by on your booking confirmation and the first name listed on your flight voucher.

  • Passenger name : Please print in capital letters the lead passenger’s name.
  • Signed : The lead passenger must put their signature.
  • Date : Please enter the date the lead passenger signed the form.

Section 8

This section must be completed by the card holder who paid for the holiday.

Section 8 specifies the bank details of the card holder. These details will be used by the CAA to make you a direct refund when your claim is processed. They will refund the claim to that bank account NOT the card used for booking.

A description of each box is listed below :

  • Account Name : Please enter the name of the account holders. If it is a joint bank account both names must be listed here.
  • Address : This box should contain the card holder’s address.
  • County : This box should contain the county part of the card holder’s address.
  • Postcode : This box should contain the postcode part of the card holder’s address.
  • Name of Bank : This should be full name of the bank or buildings society your account is held with. For example, ‘Halifax’.
  • Roll Account No : If you have an account with a building society you are likely to have a roll number. If you have it please specify here, if not leave the box blank.
  • Bank Sort Code : This is the 6 digit code that identifies your bank. The sort code can usually be found on your bank card, a statement or your cheque book.
  • Account No : Please enter your bank account number here. Your bank account number is normally 8 digits long, and can usually be found on your bank card, a statement or your cheque book.
  • Signed by payer : The card holder must sign this box.
  • Date : The date the card holder signed the box.

Documents Required

Once you have completed the form, please send it back to us along with the following documents :

  • An original copy of your bank statement, showing all the payments made to for this holiday. Photocopies will not be accepted.
  • If your statements are online only, please contact your bank to request a hard copy as the CAA will not accept print outs. If the bank charge you for a hard copy, this cannot be claimed back.
  • You are welcome to obscure any payments not related to the claim, as long as your name, address, account details and payments to Ltd are visible.

All other documentation required to complete your claim will be supplied by us, however please keep any other documentation you have regarding your booking in a safe place until your claim is fully processed.

Send the completed form and documents to,
Claims Department
1a-1b Brook House,
Upper Street,
GU51 3PE

We recommend you send your claim recorded delivery to ensure it isn’t lost in the post.

What happens next?

Once we have received your documents in the post, we will complete the claim form and send it to the CAA. The CAA will then be in contact with you with a claims reference number. Please can you contact us here to advise us of your claims reference number when you know it. This will aid us with your claim. Once the claim has been processed the CAA with refund you directly.

What about my hotel / transfers / parking?

If you’ve managed to book new flights, the rest of your original booking is still valid (hotel, transfers and parking). Please do contact us to let us know your new flight details.

If you’ve been unable to get new flights and need to cancel your booking, you can find more info on what to do next here.

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