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Are couples holidays a thing of the past?

Who do you usually holiday with? It looks like friends and family are becoming more popular, as our latest survey has found that fewer couples are choosing to holiday together.

We’ve had a look at some of the booking figures from our site and they have revealed a decline in the number of couples holidaying together by themselves, without the presence of friends and relatives, whereas, group and family holidays are on the up.

Bookings for couples holidays fell by 7%

We noticed a 12% rise in family holiday bookings over the past year, as well as a 26% rise in group holiday bookings. In contrast, bookings for couples holidays were down 7% in the past 12 months when compared to the previous year. These results prompted us to poll 1,726 people in relationships from across the country, each of whom had booked their 2011 holiday, to find out what their reasons were behind the holiday buddies they had picked.

We asked respondents who they would be going on holiday with this year, and the results were as follows:

  • Family, partner included – 32%
  • Friends, partner included – 26%
  • Just my partner – 16%
  • Just friends – 14%
  • Family, partner not included – 6%
  • Other – 4%
  • Alone – 2%

The main reason why people had chosen to holiday with family and friends was because they found a better deal going with more people.

24% of those who selected ‘family and friends’ said that they had got a better deal than if they went away with just their partner, whilst 11% said they simply preferred going away with their family.

The majority of those who were planning to go away just with friends said that it was a guys or girls only occasion.

22% of those who were just going away with friends said that it was because they were going on a lads or girls only holiday, whereas 17% said it was due to the fact that their partner was unavailable. 3% said it was so they could have a break from their relationship.

7% of those who said they would go away with their family without their partner said that their family didn’t get on with their other half. Oh dear!

Our advice? You’d be surprised at the number or couples who actively choose not to go away with each other. A good compromise to going with your partner is to ask friends along, or book with family too. The more people, the better the holiday!

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