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How to Deal with Not Enough Holiday Time

Given the state of the UK (and world) economy, a lot of people are feeling the pressure to stay chained to their desks and work work work.  Even small business owners can’t afford the extra hired help now and then, and who wants to risk being made redundant because they took too much time off while everyone else was present and working?

I firmly believe that if you do take holiday or time off, you come back refreshed with renewed energy.  Having said that, I can’t magically fix everyone’ own personal situations.   So, if you’re dealing with trying to get a break in without taking too much time off, here are some of my tips that might help.

Don’t Try to Go So Far

So, say, you’ve got yourself a 4 day long weekend.  Don’t try to impress people by flying to New Zealand for a hiking holiday – you’ll spend the entire time flying!  Really, if you want to do a “staycation” or you just want to go for a wee drive up to the Lake District instead of heading to the algarve or elsewhere.  We won’t judge.

Make Your Reservations Simple

Sometimes, if you’re looking for cheap flights, the cheapest option may involve stopovers, connections, or other pay-less-more-hassle.  I advise you to skip all of that and make your reservations a simple as possible. So, direct flights always, and pick the hotels/accommodation that are closest to whatever you’re planning on doing. Take a taxi instead of the hour on public transport.  Sure, might cost you a smidgen more, but you’ll save big on mental hassles.

Do Something Nice For Yourself

You’ve worked hard, you earned your time off.  So, I beg of you, do something nice for yourself during the trip.  Here are some ideas:

  • Book a spa treatment or massage.
  • Sleep in, stay in the cozy hotel bed and read a book all day.
  • Have a massive, oversized breakfast then chill out by the pool for a few hours.
  • Splurge on a fancy bottle of champagne, wine, or beverage of choice, paired with something equally decadent like chocolates, strawberries (or, chocolate covered strawberries?)

Don’t feel like you need to fall into the trap of some of these cliches – if you’d love to just kick back with a microbrew and bag of crisps, that’s ok too.  But give yourself the chance to really relax.

Do Some Mental Stretching

We’ve already established you aren’t going to have enough time away, but why not do a little “mental stretching” to make it feel longer?  Before you go, you can watch a few videos about the destination – online there are tons of archives from travel shows and the like.  You could spend some time with a language book from the library. If you’ve got wee ones, a game or two about local trivia could be fun too.

Afterwards, relish in all the details with your photographs and videos.  Try out some of the many online photo sites; share them on Facebook and tell all your friends about the stories.  Live in that “glow” as long as you can.

Work on Your Timing

The Americans, who have never had enough holiday time, are masters at crafting out longer stretches of holidays, combining their paid time off with public holidays, weekends, and other clever combinations to ensure they’re out of the office as much as possible.  You can do the same – bank holiday weekends go fast so you’ll want to plan ahead, but if it means an extra day sipping margaritas, isn’t it worth jumping on the bandwagon?
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