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Dining In Acapulco

Acapulco offers more than just fresh ocean air, memory-making sunsets and lazy days on the beach; the city captivates your taste buds with a solid reputation for fine dining at a reasonable price.

pozoleIt isn’t just enchiladas and margaritas that you’ll find here (though you’ll have plenty of options if that is your fancy). The local cuisine has a blended taste of international and traditional Spanish roots that you can find in this region. Dishes such as white or green pozole that are served traditionally on Thursdays in many restaurants, the “tostadas guerrerenses” (Guerrero style tostadas), tamales in banana leaves (dumpling normally made of pork fat and meat wrapped in a banana leaf), and the “relleno” (pork meat seasoned with potatoes, carrots, apples, pineapples, raisins and plantains) can be found in many of the area restaurants. Some of the oldest establishments that have lasted the continued lashings of tourism crowds have their own specialities so be sure to ask what’s the chef’s signature dish.

Since there are also plenty of options for fish around the area, seafood cuisine is superb. “Vuelve a la Vida” (Spanish for ”come to life”), consists of fish, shrimp, snails, octopus and clams, marinated in lime juice – talk about tasty! Also, the most traditional and famous “a la Talla Fish” (grilled fish Acapulco style) are definitely seafood dishes to try out while visiting.

Extraordinary views are a definite as well since there are plenty of options of eating on top of a hill or cliff overlooking the bay, though if you’re on a budget know that a good view does sometimes come at a price. Having said that, the fact that there are so many different places to choose from, most restaurants have plenty of competitive prices, making your wallet a whole lot happier.

Want some specific recommendations? Here are a few ideas to get you started with your Acapulco dining experiences…


This is one of the classier restaurants in the area, offering some of the best French, Mediterranean and Asian foods in the area. The setting includes a beautiful take on natural décor and uses location to its advantage, boasting large windows for their guests to overlook the bay.


Another very distinguished (yet reasonably priced) eatery in Acapulco is rising up to the top in fame around the town. Well-known chefs Richard Sandoval and Josefina Santacruz are the associate owners that have been making Pampano a must. Red snapper fillet in guajillo chilli sauce, grilled fillet mignon in chipotle sauce or slices of octopus meat with arugula, avocado and mango is just a glance at what deliciousness Pampano brings to Acapulco.

Senor Frog’s Acapulco

I always am torn when people ask me about places like Senor Frogs, a chain that you will no doubt be familiar with if you’ve been to Mexico. It isn’t my favourite but I can’t recall a time down in Mexico that I didn’t end up here. It’s loud, it’s brash, and you’re guaranteed to have a rough morning the next day. However, it’s always good for a laugh, and they do have reasonably priced drinks and snacks.  (Just careful overdoing it, ok?)


Frequent visitors of Acapulco have recommended this restaurant whole-heartedly, but I haven’t been so I offer this recommendation up for feedback. The menu is beyond remarkable and this location is very relaxing; everyone says this is the place to be for margaritas and don’t forget to taste the Avocado-caviar frappe soup… guaranteed conversation starter!

100% Natural

This is a Mexican chain of restaurants that have plenty of locations in Acapulco, including the beach. While chains aren’t always a great idea, this is an exception, as they are known for traditional Mexican food prepared with a healthy aspect and different sorts of tropical and nutritional juice blends. Very clean, with prompt service and tasty food of course!

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