Our latest poll has revealed the top ten sights around the world people most want to see before they die. The pyramids in Egypt topped the charts at number one, with the Northern Lights coming in a close second.

We carried out the poll as part of our ongoing research into the holiday and travel habits of people around the UK. 1,489 adults from around the UK took part in the poll and respondents were asked questions about their travel plans and hopes.

89% of those polled said that the Egyptian Pyramids were the site they would most like to see

Respondents were first asked to pick the sights around the world that they would most like to see in their lifetime. Those polled could choose more than one option from a list of possible answers.

According to the poll, the top 10 sights people around the UK most want to see in their lifetime were as follows;

1.      Egyptian Pyramids – 89%

2.      Northern Lights – 77%

3.      Taj Mahal – 73%

4.      Niagara Falls – 68%

5.      Statue of Liberty – 64%

6.      Mount Rushmore – 56%

7.      Grand Canyon – 42%

8.       Great Barrier Reef – 37%

9.       Venetian Canals – 28%

10.     Big Ben – 19%

Despite given the option to pick anywhere in the world, one in five Brits stated that Big Ben was one of the places they wanted to see before they die.

54% of those polled were hopeful they would get to see the sites in their lifetime

We asked respondents, ‘Do you think you’ll get the opportunity to see any of the sites you want to get to in your lifetime?’ to which 54% said that they were hopeful they would.

It’s no surprise that destinations like the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef are on the list, but Big Ben was a bit of a shock! Although, it probably is the most easily accessible of all the places on the list!

If you are looking to try and visit all the places on the list, then we suggest saving up and taking the opportunity when it comes along; after all, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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Posted : Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 at 11:00
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