Destination: Europe… Situation: No Beach.

It happens but fortunately there is still plenty to do while you are indulging yourself in the foreign outdoors. In fact, some of the most exciting and well known cities of Europe do not have neighboring beaches anywhere near them and they still seem to bring in quite the visitors each and every year. So let’s broaden our minds and aim for a fun time outdoors, without the seashells, within these sunny cities on the continent.

Madrid, Spain

To beat the heat from being a non-beach city the madrileños (the people of Madrid) created their very own solution. The Madrid Rio is filled with a TON of things for people to do and activities to take part in; they even have an urban beach! Although this is a fairly new addition to Madrid, the locals have made certain this 10km long park has all the entertainment a person could ever hope for. There’s a huge variety of sport games, hiking trails, sunny gardens and plenty of events lined up for one during their visit. With all these activities, and their man-made beach, you will surely be content with soaking up the sun in Madrid, Spain!

Bern, Switzerland

Although Bern is surrounded by a river there are no actual public beaches available in the city. However there is still plenty of ways to catch the sun rays of this medieval structured city. To stay cool you can swim down the river and find yourself gazing at the Houses of Parliament during your dip. And as any other historically renowned European city there are plenty of summer festivals to keep you occupied and in the sun longer. Some festivals worth noting during your stay:

  • Gurten Festival
  • Bern Jazz Festival
  • Bern Dance Festival (Berner Tanztage)
  • Buskers Bern Street Festival

Milan, Italy

While there is no oceanic beach close by, Milan does host a few lakes that you can dive into on a sunny day. Windsurfing is a common sport most known to be hosted from Lake Garda as well as sailing, water-skiing, rowing and fishing. The Lido in Milan is the city’s most popular outdoor swimming pool which also boasts some really great water slides. There are also a few indoor pools but we’ll save them for a rainy day.

So besides the available water sports, the people of Milan are also very passionate about football (soccer as we Americans call it) and there will undoubtedly be a place you can catch a thrilling game. The San Siro Stadium is your best bet if you’re looking for a bigger crowd.

So while this is just a list of a few European cities without a beach nearby, you can still use these ideas for any future non-seashell city you may find yourself in. Beach or no beach; Europe has plenty to offer for any sunshine seeker!

Photo Credits: Daniel Lobo, DavidJGB, Olly, friarsbalsam

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