Our latest study has found that two fifths of Britons have admitted to holiday rivalry; namely, basing their holiday bookings on better destinations than friends, family or colleagues to ‘get one up on them’.

It would appear that there are more reasons behind choosing your holiday than people will openly admit, as two fifths of the holidaymakers we polled admit to holiday rivalry and have previously booked a trip that is deliberately better than that of a friend, family member or colleague. We polled 1,208 British adults, each of whom had been abroad in the past five years and quizzed them on the reasons behind their last holiday booking.

Having been to their destination before was the main influence surrounding where respondents went on holiday

When asked ‘What influenced your decision surrounding where you ended up going on your last holiday?’ and told to select all that applied from a list of answers, the top five results, according to the poll, were as follows:

–          Been before  57%

–          Hadn’t organised it/no choice  51%

–          Holiday rivalry  39%

–          Looked nice in pictures  32%

–          Reviews  30%

Over half of those that based their trip on holiday rivalry said it was ‘important’ that their holiday was better

When asked why holiday rivalry played a part, more than half, 53%, said that it was ‘important’ that their holiday was better, whilst 9% cited ‘jealousy’ as the main reason.

6% claimed to feel ‘annoyed’ when a friend, family member or colleague had been on a ‘lovely holiday abroad’

The respondents were asked to describe how they felt when a friend, family member or work colleague had been on a ‘lovely holiday abroad’. Whilst 44% claimed to feel ‘happy for them’, 12% said ‘envious’ and 6% even claimed to feel annoyed.

79% of those polled admitted that they had bragged about their holiday to friends, family members or colleagues

Respondents were asked, ‘Following your last holiday, did you brag to friends and family or work colleagues about your trip on your return to the UK?’ 79% admitted that they had done so. When asked whether or not they felt friends, family or work colleagues went on holiday to get one up on them, 26% said that they thought they did.

Furthermore, almost one in ten, 8%, admitted to previously lying about where they had gone on holiday, in order to make the trip sound better than it actually was.

Whilst it’s nice to hear that someone close to you has had a lovely holiday, it’s hard not to feel that pang of jealousy. However, when you’re booking your holiday, remember to base it on what you like, not on what you think will impress other people.

It’s always pretty risky lying about where you went on holiday. If your photos don’t give it away, it’s hard to keep up the bravado for a long time! If you slip up, it could end up being pretty embarrassing!

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