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A girls guide to hols with the boys

2012 is shaping up to be my year of holidaying with the boys – Egypt with four fellas in January and then Bali this month with five. At first I wasn’t convinced it was such a great idea. My instinct has always been to travel solo, or at least with a close friend who’s on the same wavelength, but I’ll admit that holidaying with a gang of guys has perks.

Of course men, like us ladies, don’t fit a single mould and come in every guise from gay, straight, chav or camp to muscular, miniscule, tech-master and more.  But the particular guys I holidayed with didn’t get the hump if the group splintered off to do different things, and they never ruined a blissed-out sundowner with soul-searching chatter about life, love and everything. Thanks guys.

Here’s a few things worth remembering if you’ve also booked a holiday with a bunch of blokes:

Quad Bike 3

Don’t wimp out of taking a whirl on ‘boys toys’

… such as quad bikes, which I’ve shied away from for years. But, faced with missing out on bouncing through the desert en route to a nearby wadi I was sold on the boys’ plan to quad bike in Dahab, on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Foot on the pedal and pretty as a picture in my red helmet, with a scarf wrapped around my face to avoid swallowing sand, and we were off. If you’re a cautious lady and a quad bike virgin too take my advice – don’t wimp out, but do wear a sturdy sports bra!

Surfing Man

Do embrace the silence

I’m not quite a card-carrying Druid but I’ve always treated the setting and the rising of the sun as a solemn affair, to be paid due respect and toasted with a cold beer. I’ve enjoyed breathtaking sundowners alone, from the terrace at the Old Winter Palace in Luxor or the harbour wall in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus. Sharing them is definitely more satisfying, but a running commentary from a travel pal leaves me cold. Sorry girls, but men seem far more likely to silence their chatter as the sun slides away for another day, and stay stum about any existential thoughts the moment might have stirred up inside.

Don’t join in with on-the-road drinking games

Guys, unlike girls, don’t have to think twice about hopping out of mini-bus to pee behind a boulder in broad daylight. For a comfy ride resist on-the-road drinkies.  Enough said.

Protector and Savior

Make use of manly upper-body strength to get out of trouble in the sea

I’m not small or slight but I’m stupidly weak. In Egypt I was more than happy to be teamed up with male dive buddies. Guys came to the rescue when the current was washing me away from our boat and when I was beached in the surf enable to stand up, because of the weight of the equipment strapped to my female frame.

Do embrace low maintenance

No-body will be impressed if you miss your transfer, hike or scuba diving slot because you were hunting down your beach-chic lip gloss, especially a bunch of blokes who just get up, get showered and get out. Liberate yourself from your make-up bag, do the minimum and spend more time looking at the views than looking into the mirror.

Ola with the meat feast in Salta, Argentina

Don’t waste money on food again

Meals won’t go back to the kitchen barely touched when you’re dining with more than one man. There’s generally someone who has built up a big enough appetite to polish off the meat feast that has your girly belly beaten.

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