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Historic Sites in Turkey

The Turkish mainland and islands are crammed with historic sites. During the past millenia, great civilisations like the Hittites, Lydians and Urartus in central Anatolia, the Greeks led by Alexander the Great in modern south-west Turkey, the Byzantines and more recently the Ottomans have left significant evidence of their presence.

Didyma, Turkey

The area around the 3000 year old city of Kusadasi in Asia Minor (on the western Turkish coast, by the Aegean Sea), is great for Greek civilisation remnants. Ancient cities like Ephesus with its splendid Museum and the “Curetes” class of priests and the Temple of the ancient Greek goddess of hunting Artemis are excellent Grecian examples. The Roman period is well represented by the 150 A.D. Small Theatre built by husband and wife team Publius Vedius Antonius and Flavia Papian (currently the site of the exquisite Caravanserai Ottoman Castle).  The Byzantine castle (“Pirate Castle”) built on the bedrock of Pigeon Island was Kusadasi’s defence and can be visited by foot or car as it’s currently connected to the mainland.

Miletos, an ancient centre of philosophy and learning about 60 km from Kusadasi, houses the god Apollo Delphinion Temple (dedicated to Delphinion, the protector of ships and harbours), a superb Amphitheatre and the Bath of Faustina.

Medusa Head

Bergama contain Pergamum’s ancient Acropolis, which in antiquity was used for social and cultural events and the world’s possibly oldest medical centre, the Asklepion. Both these sites are reminders of the might of Greece’s ancient civilisation.

Mt Nemrut's Apollo

Bodrum is the ancient city of Halicarnassus and worth visiting for its ancient Mausoleum and Theatre, the unique Underwater Archaeology Museum, the Castle of Crusaders and the historic Myndos Gate.

Golden Horn, Turkey, Sea of Marmara

Istanbul is not only an excellent destination from the point of view of its amazing location but also has some of the best examples of Ottoman mosques and museums.

Hagia Sophia

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