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Holiday Brochures a Thing of the Past

Our latest poll has revealed that three quarters of Britons who have been on holiday in the past five years did not pick up a holiday brochure before booking, which suggests a decline in the more traditional method of shopping for holidays.

We surveyed 2,061 Britons, each of whom had been abroad on holiday within the past 5 years. The study was conducted externally, meaning respondents were not solely sunshine.co.uk customers. We’re always interested to find out what the latest trends are with holiday bookings, so we set out to discover more.

76% of respondents did not use a holiday brochure before booking a holiday in the past five years

When asked, ‘Did you use a holiday brochure before booking one of your holidays in the past five years?’ 76% of respondents said that they did not. Whereas once holiday brochures were a popular method of deciding where to go on holiday, it’s obvious that they are now not as important.

Furthermore, 63% had not been to see a travel agent

63% of those polled said that they had not stepped foot in a travel agency to discuss or book one of their holidays in the past five years, with the majority claiming to have carried out the process purely online.

When asked to specify why they hadn’t used a brochure to aid their holiday booking, just over a quarter, 27% said that they ‘didn’t offer enough variety’. 82% also said they had used the internet and therefore saw no need for a holiday brochure.

Of those that had used a brochure, 44% said they hadn’t booked a holiday that was shown in the booklet

Of the 24% who had used a holiday brochure in the past five years, two fifths, 44%, said that they hadn’t ended up booking a holiday that was shown in the booklet. Of those who did end up picking a holiday from a brochure, 57% said that they used the internet as well to research the hotel or resort.

Brochures are becoming less of a necessity, as the internet provides all the information you need at your fingertips. We have become a particularly internet-reliant culture and people have less time to venture onto the high street, which means a laptop is the easiest way of researching your latest holiday destination!

Whilst holiday brochures are good for some people, they are often very limited and only offer a small selection of hotels and resorts. The internet, however, is an unlimited resource for holidaymakers and everything can be found in one place. For many, this makes it quicker and easier to turn to the web.

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