Everyone checks a hotel’s reviews before they go on holiday, but it would appear that many of you are not satisfied with the results. Our latest survey here at sunshine.co.uk has discovered that 64% of you think that star ratings on hotels abroad are ‘inaccurate’.

We polled a sample of 1,729 British holidaymakers who had been abroad in the past two years, to find out their opinions on overseas hotels and the general performance of their accommodation.

78% of respondents had stayed in a hotel whilst on holiday

Whilst the majority of people we spoke to stayed in a hotel during their holiday, only 9% said they had stayed in a villa and the rest of respondents had either stayed with family or selected ‘other’.

Two thirds of those who stayed in a hotel thought the star rating was ‘inaccurate,’ so we then asked them how exactly this was the case. 57% said the star rating of their hotel was too high, whereas the remaining 43% of people felt the opposite; that it actually deserved more stars than it had been awarded.

A massive 89% said that you always take into account the star rating of the accommodation before booking

With the hotel star rating system under threat in the UK, we wanted to find out what you thought of hotel ratings abroad.

We often get feedback from customers claiming that the hotel they stayed in actually deserved more stars than it had been given.

Our thoughts? It’s all a matter of personal opinion, of course. It’s always disappointing when a hotel doesn’t live up to your expectations but, on the other hand, it’s always a good feeling when it’s better than you thought.

Review sites can give you a great insight into what to expect from a hotel

Review sites usually feature feedback from other holidaymakers, so you’re more likely to get a balanced review of the hotel.

Of course, there is the chance that one person may have had a terrible experience at a hotel, whilst everyone else gives fantastic reviews, so just remember that everyone has their own opinions.

So, remember to check out reviews before you book a hotel, but also remember, everyone’s experience is different!

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Posted : Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 at 11:00
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2 Responses to “Are hotel star ratings abroad ‘inaccurate?’”

  1. Zoey says:

    Hi guys, nice stats, this doesn’t surprise me at all. When we looked at “What do hotel stars really mean?”, unfortunately for consumers, the results were inconclusive! We found not only does calibre of hotel/its start rating vary from country to country, it varies from city to city. So it is interesting to know that 80% of people looked at star ratings… because perhaps the star ratings aren’t as useful as we’d hope! We did find some good news though – that the Hotel Stars Union is working to harmonise hotel star ratings across Europe. So perhaps then holiday makers can rely on stars more, and subjective reviews less. :0) I don’t think the link below will work here, but just in case here is our research: What do Hotel Stars Really Mean? Would love to hear sunshine.co.uk’s thoughts!

  2. rob says:

    yes they are inaccurate any body who has been to turkey knows that a 4star over there is more like a 3star.

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