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Ibiza: The Party Island

Since the late 70s the resort town of San Antonio in Ibiza has been a magnet for those who enjoy unrivalled great parties into the early hours. This area is predominantly frequented by huge numbers of young British people looking for a good time with a strong flavour of home. Every Summer the mega nightclubs of the island boom out the latest tunes from the hottest DJs in order to entice the hordes of visitors to Ibiza into their particular musical dreamland. Here are a few of the popular Ibiza nightclubs.


Amnesia is one of the original Ibiza nightclubs. It used to be an open-air club but now the sound is contained in a building. You’re likely to be wading in foam and blasted by cold air from an underfloor dry ice machine. On Thursday nights Cream takes over Amnesia with Paul Van Dyk as one of the resident DJs.

If you think that size matters then Privilege is the club for you. The biggest nightclub on the planet, according to the Guinness Book of Records with a capacity of 10000, it still manages to get packed to the rafters every night of the week during the high season. This club even boasts its own swimming pool, allowing revellers to cool down during a hard night’s partying.

Privilege Ibiza Salinas

DC10 is located in a former aircraft hanger close to the runway of Ibiza airport and home to the Circo Loco all day party featuring underground techno, every Monday from June to September.

Perhaps the best-known nightclub brand in the world is Pascha, open all year around. It’s best known for House music but has different zones which focus on specific genres e.g. El Cielo is the Funky Room where jazzy funk and soul are played.

Space is reckoned to be one of the best clubs on the planet. Their famous ‘We Love Space Sundays’, is not for the faint hearted beginning at eight in the morning on Sundays and running until 6AM on Monday morning. If you are still standing then you can launch straight into ‘Monday’s Calling’.

Mondays Calling at Space Ibiza

Do you have a favourite Ibiza nightclub?

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