It would seem that many of you couples out there could well be the jealous type, as our latest survey has revealed that the majority of men and women in relationships wouldn’t allow their other half to go on a ‘lads holiday’ or a ‘girly getaway’ because they would be concerned about their partners fidelity whilst they are away.

Same sex holidays might fizzle out when a relationship is on the cards. We polled 1,421 men and women in relationships from around the country to find out a bit more about how they’d feel about their partner fancied getting away without them.

67% of the women polled wouldn’t allow their partner to go on a lad’s holiday

The women polled were asked ‘Would you allow your partner to go on a ‘lads only’ holiday?’ to which a whopping 67% of ladies said ‘no’.

Two-Fifths said that had concerns about their boyfriend’s fidelity

When asked why they wouldn’t be happy about their fella getting away with his mates, two fifths, 42% said they had concerns about their partners fidelity if they were to go on a lad’s break.

71% of men polled said ‘no’ when asked if they would let their other half go on a ‘girls only’ holiday

The men polled were similarly asked ‘Would you allow your partner to go on a ‘girls only’ holiday?’ to which the majority, 71% said ‘no’. Over half of these chaps also feared that their partner might cheat on them if they went abroad without them.

Almost all of the women polled felt they should be trusted to go on a girl’s holiday

When the women were asked whether or not they thought they should be trusted by their partner, 91% said they thought they should be. When the men asked the same question, the majority, 57% felt they shouldn’t be trusted to go on a ‘lads only’ holiday.

In order to try and find out if their partner had reason to worry, we asked ‘In the past, have you ever cheated on a partner whilst on holiday?’ In response, 9% of the women polled answered ‘yes’, compared to more than a quarter, 27%, of the men questioned.

Lads only holidays in particular have earned themselves a bad name, so it’s no wonder some women don’t want their other half going abroad without them. However, it seems that it’s the guys that are more worried about their lady’s behaviour abroad on a girly holiday!

It’s quite surprising to find out the men were the more reluctant sex about letting their partner go on holiday with their friends, but as long as there’s some trust in the relationship, it’s good to get away and take a break from each other every now and then.  Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

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Posted : Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 at 11:00
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