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How long is your holiday really?

When people book a week off for a nice sunny holiday abroad, how long do they really take off work? You need to take into account the time you might fritter away at work in the time leading up to your holiday, by daydreaming about sunbathing on the beach and, after the actual holiday, the time it takes to get back into the swing of things.

If you think about it, a one week holiday could really string out to be around 3 weeks! Aside from this, there are the holidaymakers who use things like jetlag and flight delays as an excuse to get more time at home before returning to work. Are you guilty of this?

Here at sunshine.co.uk, we polled 1,992 British holidaymakers, each of whom was in full time employment and had been away on holiday in the past two years. We wanted to find out exactly what holidaymakers got up to when they got back from their break.

Half take 5 days off for a week-long holiday

When asked about the amount of time they booked off work for their last holiday, the majority, 51%, took five days off for a week long holiday, whilst 32% booked 10 days for a two week break. 86% of the people we spoke to were due to return to work the day after they returned to the UK from their break.

1 in 10 have used ‘jetlag’ as an excuse for more time off

When we asked these people if they’d ever done anything to try and get a bit more time at home before going back to work, 9% admitted to using jetlag as an excuse. We wonder how many of these were on short haul flights from places like Spain and France. We’ve heard jetlag from those places can be terrible!

16% confessed to lying about flight delays to get more time off

A further 16% admitted to telling fibs about flight delays and told their employer that this meant they couldn’t return to work on the day originally planned. When asked how they felt about taking time off work for a holiday, 26% actually told us that they ‘disliked’ doing so. The majority of these said that the work they missed made their job more stressful once they returned.

More than half want higher holiday allowance

When asked whether or not they thought the holiday allowance given to them by their employer was fair, 55% thought they should actually be entitled to more, whereas 29% claimed to be happy with the amount they were given in their contract.

So, what do we think? Well, travelling can be very tiring and, even though holidays are relaxing, you need to take into account that you might need some time to wind down once you return to the UK. There’s no point going back to work if your mind is still on a beach somewhere in the Canaries, so make sure you book a couple of extra days off to allow for that.

We would strongly advise against lying to your employer about flight delays and jetlag, because if they find out the truth it is bound to cause more problems!

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