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How long do you spend in the sun on holiday?

Everyone loves soaking up the rays on holiday. When you only get a week off from Britain’s temperamental weather, you need to make the most of the sun, but do some of you take it too far? Our latest survey has found that British women spend nearly a third of their entire holiday sunbathing.

We polled 1,588 women over the age of 21, who had all been on holiday within the last year, as part of research into how British people spend their time on holiday.

89% of women said they spent time on holiday sunbathing

The majority of women told us they sunbathed on holiday, with the amount of time spent doing so averaging out at seven hours per day. This worked out to be 49 hours over the duration of the week-long holiday.

With just 168 hours in one week, this means that the majority of those who sunbathe spend almost a third of their whole holiday topping up their tan.

Only five hours a week were spent partaking in activities and excursions

Respondents estimated that they spent 14 hours a week eating and drinking, compared to only five hours doing activities and going on excursions!

The average person got six hours sleep per night on holiday, which means that the average female holidaymaker spends more time sunbathing than sleeping when on holiday abroad.

Our advice? When sunbathing, always make sure you wear a high-factor sun cream. A great tan may look good, but leathery skin is what awaits you as you get older! Aside from this, there’s nothing worse than burning on your first day on holiday, as it can spoil the days ahead and prevent you from enjoying your holiday.

We recommend trying to get the most out of your holiday, as there’s so much to do and see abroad. Although trying to soak up the sun must be done on holiday, just think of the culture and experiences you’re missing out on if you sit by the pool all day!

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2 Responses to “How long do you spend in the sun on holiday?”

  1. Rod Starr says:

    We never sunbathe,but we like the warmth,and keep out of direct sun as much as possible,but not easy as our most visited country is Egypt,not any Red Sea resorts,but Cairo,Luxor and Aswan.

  2. Vicki says:

    We usually do one day by the pool or beach and the next doing an excursion or sightseeing, alternating, I think thats the best way as you still get a rest in between as some excursions can be tiring and it is a holiday after all. Egypt is lovely.

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