Our latest poll has found that the moon has topped a poll of the places British kids would most like to visit on holiday, despite the fact that it’s a little out of reach!

The only realistic destinations that featured in the list were Disney World, Lapland and Australia. Whilst many adults dream of sunny holidays in the Caribbean, it would appear that children have a very different idea of what constitutes the perfect holiday.

We polled a total of 2,105 British parents; each with children aged between 3 and 8, and asked them to talk to their children about their ideal holiday destinations.

Almost half of the children polled said that the moon would be the place they’d like to go on holiday

Respondents were given a list of destinations to show to their children, with a mixture of fictional and real destinations, as well as some unrealistic settings for holidays, and the youngsters were required to pick the 3 places they would most like to visit on holiday.

The top 10 paces British children would most like to visit on their next holiday are:

1.       The Moon – 47%

2.       Disney World – 41%

3.       Narnia – 39%

4.       Hogsmead – 26%

5.       Lapland – 25%

6.       Hundred Acre Wood – 17%

7.       Hogwarts – 14%

8.       Pride Rock (Lion King) – 9%

9.       Australia – 4%

10.    Bikini Bottom (SpongeBob SquarePants) – 2%

Parents were also allowed to give their child the option of selecting ‘other’ after which they were required to specify the place their youngster had chosen. One child claimed that she would like to go on holiday to her ‘Granny’s house’.

We think it’s good to see that imaginations are still alive in kids these days! There are a lot of magical places that we would have loved to visit as a child! It’s not all that surprising to see that Disney World has topped the list; it’s a destination that always keeps the kids happy.

Family holidays are usually all about the kids, so whilst mum and dad might want to just kick back and relax, it’s important to make sure there are plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained!

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Posted : Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 at 11:00
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