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What to do with your pet when you go on holiday?

28% of pet owners have left their animal home alone for a week or more

Our latest study of 1,339 pet owners in the UK has found that 1 in 10 of those with a dog would leave their pooch home alone whilst they went away for a one week holiday, providing it had enough food and water put down to last; that’s despite pets needing fresh supplies daily!

Nearly all, 94%, of fish owners would leave them to fend for themselves for a week, whilst 32% of those with a cat would do the same.

81% with a ‘small animal’ would leave them alone for a week

43% of those with a bird think it’s acceptable to leave them alone for a week without getting a neighbour, friend or family member to pop in and check on them and 1 in 4 reptile owners said the same.

Half have asked a friend, relative or neighbour to care for their pet whilst on holiday

Whilst 54% called in the help of a friend, neighbour or relative to care for their pet whilst they went on holiday, one in ten, 11%, opted to use a kennel, cattery or something similar.

41% think leaving a pet to go on holiday ‘does no harm’

Two fifths said they would leave their pet alone for a week whilst they jetted off abroad, because they thought it wouldn’t do anything to harm them, but 9% simply didn’t want to put anyone else out by getting them to feed and care for their furry friend.

At, we’d recommend never leaving your pet without care for a week. Either enquire about the services of kennels and catteries, or ask someone you trust to look after them and bring them back a souvenir from your holiday to thank them!

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