Our latest survey has revealed where in the world is home to the ‘prettiest’ holiday resorts. We polled 1,092 adults from across the UK as part of our ongoing research into the holiday habits and preferences of people across the country.

According to the research, Santorini in Greece is the prettiest place in the world to holiday; as it topped the list of ‘prettiest’ holiday destinations. We asked those polled questions about their previous holidays and where they hoped to visit in the future.

71% of those polled said that they thought it was important that their holiday destination looked ‘pretty’

When we asked respondents, ‘Is it important to you that a holiday destination looks ‘pretty’?’ the majority, 71% of those asked said ‘yes’. Furthermore, over half, 54%, said they had based a previous holiday decision on how pretty the resorts looked in pictures.

We then asked those polled to state where they believed to be the prettiest holiday destinations in the world, based on their own experiences and also with the help of images of various locations.

According to the poll, the prettiest holiday destinations around the world are as follows:

1.       Santorini, Greece – 42%

2.       Sorrento, Italy – 35%

3.       St Lucia – 29%

4.       Havar, Croatia – 21%

5.       Cannes, France – 19%

6.       Mauritius – 17%

7.       Paris, France – 16%

8.       Seville, Spain – 14%

9.       Venice, Italy – 11%

10.    The Algarve, Portugal – 9%

No matter how pretty the destination is, that’s not the be all and end all of your trip abroad; however, it can make the overall experience more relaxing and can add to the experience. It is more important that you enjoy what the resort has to offer.

Santorini is an absolutely beautiful resort, so it’s not all that surprising to see it at the top of the list. No matter where you are travelling to, having a camera with you to take some scenic snaps is essential.

Whilst some popular resorts, such as Tenerife may not be considered ‘pretty’ due to the volcanic rock formations, it is certainly a breathtaking place to be. So, if a place doesn’t look typically beautiful on the face of it, there are always places to explore and remember.

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Posted : Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 at 11:00
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