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Social media obsession on holiday – should it happen?

These days, everyone has Facebook, not to mention the other social networks that have popped up over recent years. Most teenagers and young adults spend a huge amount of time speaking to their friends via these very social networks and couldn’t imagine a day without them, so how does that change when the annual holiday comes around?

Here at, we wanted to find out whether or not this Facebook obsession was packed up in suitcases and carried abroad on holiday with them.

A third of young adults access Facebook every day on holiday

We polled a sample of 1,162 young people aged 16-25 and asked them about their social network habits. All of the people we spoke to had a Facebook account and had been abroad on holiday in the past year. Just 11% said they didn’t access their Facebook whilst they were away and, of those who did, 32% went on the social network every day.

62% use Facebook to keep in touch with friends whilst on holiday

Just over three fifths said they mostly used Facebook to keep in touch with their friends back home, but a quarter used it to upload images of the holiday; potentially to make those they’d left behind a little jealous of their getaway.

38% used their phone to access Facebook

We wanted to find out how the young adults we spoke to were actually accessing Facebook. 38% said that they used their mobile phone to do so, but half made use of the computers available either in their hotel or in an internet cafe, which are very popular abroad.

The majority use their mobile phone on holiday

89% of the 16-25 year olds we spoke to used their mobile phone during their holiday, with 74% of these claiming to text every day. Roaming charges can be very expensive, so we’d definitely advise against this. More than that, holidays are supposed to be about relaxing, so you should try to leave your Facebook and phone alone during your time away. After all, it is only a short time and a break from texting and cyber space can do you good!

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