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Spotlight on Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik on the Croatian coastline is often referred to as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”.  The city was given UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979 but was badly damaged in the Yugoslavian war in the 1990’s.  However the city was carefully restored to its former glory by 2005.


One of the best ways to see Dubrovnik is to walk around the 2 kilometre city walls, which encircle the Old Town. The 25 metre high  walls were under construction for around 500 years, between the 12th – 17th centuries. Evening is a good time to walk the walls as it’s not so hot and crowded.  You have to pay around £8 to do enter the walls.

Water viewed from Dubrovnik city wall

The Rector’s Palace is a beautiful old building.  The courtyard hosts several music concerts throughout the year. Upstairs is the cultural history museum which houses a mix of historic items and a photography exhibition which illustrates the damage wrought on Dubrovnik during the 1990s war.

Rectors Palace from Cafe, Dubrovnik

The closest beach to Dubrovnik is Banje and it has views of the old town, but it’s pebbly.  If you prefer sandy beaches you should head to Uvala Lapad Beach.

The port of Dubrovnik

The Franciscan Monastery has 14th century cloisters and  pharmacy where you can buy traditional remedies made from local ingredients, many grown in its own herb garden.

Franciscan Monastery Herb Garden

The Dubrovnik Cable Car, a popular Dubrovnik attraction which was destroyed in the 1990 war, is due to re-open soon. It’ll cost around 10 Euro per person and on a clear day you should be able to see attractive views for miles.

Some of the best Dubrovnik souvenirs are originals from the small jewellery shops, which sell handcrafted artifacts at very reasonable prices.


The Festival of St Blaise kicks off on the evening  of 2 February, with the release of white doves. The following day, there’s a procession in the city.

The Dubrovnik International Film Festival started in 1995 and takes place in early July.

The annual Dubrovnik Summer Festival runs from mid July to late August.

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6 Responses to “Spotlight on Dubrovnik”

  1. Paul says:

    I was in Dubrovnik last year and its a fab place to visit. Note that its probably more popular with older folk than younger folk i think. I can highly recommned the Hotel Lapad to stay there – its well located, quiet, modern, good value and has a great pool.

  2. Miss G says:

    Great pictures of a fab city. I visited in July this year and the cable car is officially now open although not many people know so the queue’s were minimal. It is indeed around 12 euro’s for the round trip but is well worth the visit for the great views.

  3. Karen Bryan says:

    Paul – I haven’t made it to Dubrovnik yet, I didn’t get further south than Sibenik when I was in Zadar. Dubrovnik looks so beautiful in the photos but I have heard it can get very busy with cruise ship passengers.

  4. Karen Bryan says:

    Miss G – thanks for confirming that the Dubrovnik cable car is now open but 12 Euro is a bit expensive for a ride.

  5. Andy Jarosz says:

    Agree that Dubrovnik is a beautiful city. Yes the cruise ships do pour in thousands of people onto the streets, but if you wander around before 10am or after 6pm it’s quite manageable.
    One place well worth a visit is the War Photo Exhibition – not the most cheery activity, but a truly incredible collection of photographs from war zones around the world. Yes there is some tough viewing, but there’s also humour, sensitivity and a guaranteed admiration for some world-class photography (entry is €4)

  6. Karen Bryan says:

    Andy – thanks for tip about War Photo Exhibition in Dubrovnik

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