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Spotlight on Kayseri, Turkey

The city of Kayseri in Turkey’s Central Anatolia province, is located majestically at the foot of an extinct volcano. Mount Erciyes towers above the city (at just under 4 kilometres in height) and is an excellent trekking destination. The nearby river Zamanti is great for rafting. Visiting Kayseri can be combined with Cappadocia, perhaps taking a hot air balloon ride over the rocky volcanic landscape.

As a city, Kayseri is both very historic and modern, with its inhabitants famous for entrepreneurial spirit; it is considered a typical ‘Anatolian Tiger’ in the economic sense.

Kayseri’s long history started when it was a trading colony of Hittites. This was due to its location on the Great Silk Road, a major ancient trading route. Kayseri then became the residence of the kings of Cappadocia and it was under Persian rule until captured by Alexander the Great’s army and eventually the Romans. Christianity and the building of fortresses by Justinian and Byzantine captors followed. The Arabs, the Anatolian Seljuk Sultanate, the Mongols and eventually the Ottoman rulers followed. Hence the richness of historic buildings and relics in the city.

Kayseri has hot, dry summers (with cool nights due to elevation) and freezing winters, therefore the best times to visit are generally late spring or early autumn.

Getting around the city can be done by bus, taxi and the light rail transit (Kayseray) system, Trains connect to Ankara, Tatvan on Lake Van and Dogukapi and Kars towards Armenia. The nearby Erkilet International Airport provides daily flights to Istanbul.

In addition to the city’s many historic landmarks, visitors will enjoy the food which is typically Anatolian. Culinary specialties include Pastirma (well seasoned air-cured beef slices), Manti (spiced meat dumplings) and Sujuk (a type of ground meat sausage).

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