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Spotlight on Klagenfurt, Austria

Klagenfurt, the capital of the Carinthia state in Austria, lies on lake Wörthersee. It’s one of landlocked Austria’s best destinations for bathing and swimming, with a Lido able to hold up to 12,000 people.

Klagenfurt’s small international airport connects to several major European cities. There is a central train station with four railway lines, several autobahns connecting to local destinations as well as Graz, Vienna, Villach, the border with Italy and Ljubljana in Slovenia. No fewer than 28 bus lines and either a steamer or motorboat service on the lake provide Klagenfurt’s urban transport. But just to be sure, do pack your ice skates if you visit in Winter.

The Renaissance era Old City and Old Square are very picturesque. The Baroque cathedral and Viktring Abbey are local landmarks. The Hercules and Beast Lindworm fountain is quite unique. An organised, guided historic city walking tour can be had for free. The Magic of the Old City summer festival (Altstadtzauber) sounds interesting.

The annual Beach Volleyball Grand Slam is held in Klagenfurt in late July. Most of the tickets are free but you need a “boarding pass” during busy periods and around half the tickets are available in advance in a lottery type draw.

The  Ironman Austria triathlon (swimming, running and cycling)  event is held in the town in early Summer, with around 2,000 athletes taking part.  It’s so popular that tickets for the 2013 event sold out within a week.

For a small entry fee you too can swim in Lake Wörthersee, either by the sandy beach or from the sunbathing piers, followed by a ride down the waterslide. The Small World on Lake Wörthersee (Minimundus) may be of interest to youngsters.

The Botanical Garden, together with the Mining Museum, or Kreuzbergl nature park with its observatory, could make for unusual local visits. The planetarium in Europa Park, the Diocesan Museum of Religious Rrt, the State Museum and the Artists’ House are popular attractions.

Image credits: Sebastien Bertrand, cmyk4us, Markus Unger, Harald Nistelberger, Alessio Milan, Benjamin

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