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Spotlight on Lake Lugano, Switzerland

The glacial Lake Lugano, also known as Laco Luanasco lies by the city of Lugano, between Lake Como and Lake Maggiore and at the border between Italy and south-east Switzerland. Several well known mountainous tourist destinations by Lake Lugano include the World Heritage Site of Monte San Giorgio, Monte Generoso, Monte San Salvatore and Monte Brè. The dam of Melide separates it from Bissone, whilst across the lake a motorway and railway link Lugano to Chiasso in Switzerland.

Lugano and Lake Lugano

The area around Lake Lugano is a fossil hunter’s paradise, particularly on its southern shore. The Monte San Giorgio fossils date from about 220 million years ago (Triassic period), whereas Besano and Osteno fossils are more recent (early Jurassic, about 180 million years ago).

Cliffs on Lake Lugano

Lugano offers a rich variety of cultural events, shopping, nightlife including casinos with quality entertainment, sport such as boating, mountain hiking and skiing, great food and a superb selection of accommodation. You can ascent Monte San Salvatore by funicular railway, if you don’t feel like hiking up.  Another popular pastime is a scenic boat trip to Paradiso. Swissminiatur, portraying Switzerland in miniature on a scale 1:25, is located in nearby town of Melide. Here you’ll find more than 3000 metres of model train tracks with eighteen trains in operation.

San Salvadore funicular

Lugano’s Art Museums include the one for the German New Objectivity 20s painter Wilhelm Schmid. There’s the Ticino Cantonal Art Museum and the 2008 Art Museum (previously the Museo d’Arte Moderna) in Villa Malpensata displaying Municipal Art and artists of the 20th and 21st century. The 2007 Ticinese Poster Museum is the first of its kind. The House Luigi Rossi in Tesserete displays watercolours, sketches and paintings by this artist.

Lugano Switzerland, Many Rooftops

There are also some specialist museums, such as the Radio Museum in Rivera (a collection ranging from the 1895 Guglielmo Marconi invention to today), the Alprose Chocolate Museum, the Fishing Museums in Caslano and the (distillery) Musée de la “Grappa”of Castelrotto.

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