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Spotlight on Lefkas, Greece

Lefkas (or Lefkada) in the Greek Ionian Sea, is the the fourth largest Greek Island and is connected with the mainland by bridge. Aktion National Airport is a 20min drive from Lefkas Town. The Greek mainland, Skorpios (the island owned by the Onassis dynasty) and Meganissi (grand island) are all nearby. Regular car ferries to Kefalonia, Ithaca and Meganissi offer great opportunities for day trips.

Nidri, Lefkada

It is most possible that Lefkas is in fact Homer’s ancient Ithaca, home of the king Ulysses (Odysseus), who’s palace was west of Nidri on the south coast. Other myths connect Lefkas to the female poet Sappho’s place of suicide, as well as Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love.

Porto Katsiki, Lefkada

The visitor should expect to find a warm welcome, pretty sandy beaches by crystal clear seas, as well as verdant, rugged limestone mountains. On Lefkada’s west coast is Porto Katsiki (goat), the most beautiful and famous beach on the island. Lefkas is popular with families, especially for the east with its small beaches with calm sea water. Other visitors enjoy its natural beauty and chilled-out atmosphere.

Vasiliki, Leukada

You can stay at the popular windsurfing resort of Vasiliki. Gyra on the west coast is great for surfing, kite surfing, craggy cliffs and lovely sunsets. North of the main resort of Nidri (with many water sports including scuba diving), the boutique resorts of Lygia, Nikiana and Perigiali are also pretty popular.


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