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Spotlight on Port Said, Egypt

Port Said is situated on the Mediterranean Sea in north-east Egypt. It’s a relatively new city, formed in 1859 when the construction of the nearby Suez Canal was starting. Port Said and Port Fuad on the opposite bank form a single metropolitan area, connected by very frequent ferry services. Port Said is an important fishing and industrial port with a very grand lighthouse. The duty-free harbour is also very active in export and ship refuelling. However, Port Said is also a very important tourist destination, especially during summer.

Together with London, according to Rudyard Kipling, Port Said is a most cosmopolitan destination, without barriers to any nationality, religion or race. Charming period multi-story properties with garden balconies line the main streets. The desert-type climate is not extreme, with some rainfall and cooler during the start of the year. The International Airport is only 2 miles from the city centre and highways connect to Alexandria, Cairo, Ismailia and Damietta. Or you can take the leisurely train from the main station at Mustafa Kamal Street. Buses, taxis and mini-buses are pretty reasonably priced and the ferry to Port Fuad is every 10mins and free to both cars and passengers.

Port Said’s several museums include the Egyptian Modern Art Museum, the National Museum with its 9000 local artefacts and the Military Museum telling the story of  the 1956 Suez Crisis.

Port Said’s 2004-completed Misr Public Library with its many historic and contemporary volumes, is contained within a huge building with a pretty garden/recreation area. In addition to the many excellent local beaches, you can walk through Port Said’s ancient obelisks of the Pharaohs and Egypt Island on lake Manzaleh with the old Islamic city remnants from the crusades.

You can also stroll through Port Said’s numerous public spaces, such as the Al-Mohafza, Mansheya and Al-Shohda Squares in the Al-Sharq district and Al-Horeya garden Square in Port Fuad. Of the many other gardens, Ferial, Saad Zaghlul and the History Garden are very interesting.

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