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Spotlight on Seville, Spain

The city of Seville on the river Guadalquivir is the capital of Andalusia in southern Spain. Its magnificent four square kilometre Old Town is Spain’s largest. The 1505 established University is very grand and its river harbour is both very picturesque and unique in Spain. However, Seville is also a very modern city, with an aeronautics and manufacturing industry.

Seville contains many open green spaces. Walking along the Guadalquivir river banks between the Parque del Alamillo and the Delicias bridge you’ll find several well maintained green spaces and parks. The Chapina green, the Isabel II bridge with its panoramic views over the old quarter of Triana, the La Cartuja promenade and the Isla Mágica are of particular interest.

Other city gardens include the Moorish Revival Murillo and Catalina de Ribera gardens by the South wall of the Alcázar, Andalucia’s largest Park, Parque del Alamillo y San Jerónimo which hugs both the Guadalquivir river shores and the American (Botanical) Garden in La Cartuja.

The 1830 Romantic Jardines de Cristina in Puerta Jerez by the Cathedral, the Moorish style Parque de Miraflores and the traditional farm style Jardines de la Buhaira are also worth a visit.

Seville has several high quality museums. In America square, Seville’s Traditional Arts and Customs Museum is very interesting to visit, as is the nearby Archaeological Museum. The 1835 Museum of Fine Arts, with works by Baroque Sevillian School Masters such as Zurbarán, Valdés, Leal and Murillo is housed in the former Convent of La Merced; its 15th and 16th century Flemish paintings are also outstanding.

The Andalusian Contemporary Art Centre in La Cartuja, the Bullfight Museum housed at the La Maestranza bullring and the Flamenco Art Museum in Manuel Rojas Marcos St are also good to visit. Of specialist interest is the private collection at the Palace of the Countess of Lebrija which also features several fine Roman mosaic floors, the Muslim underground Antiquarium Museum at Metropol Parasol, the Velazquez Center in Santa Cruz and the Religious Museum and Treasure of the La Macarena brotherhood.

Image credits: Herry Lawford, Nigel Swales, Edward Dalmulder, Frank Kovalchek, Adam Jones, greenacre8

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