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Spotlight on Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia. There’s a medieval old town which can be reached by a funicular railway which links the old and new town.

The colourful Art Pavilion was officially opened in 1898. The pavilion started life as a portable frame of pre-fabricated iron shipped to an art exhibition in Budapest. Upon its return to Zagreb, it was made into a permanent structure.


The Mimara Art Museum was originally a high school but was converted to a museum after local magnate Ante Topic Mimara left his vast art collection to the city.

zagreb croatia mimara museum (2)

The Zagreb Botanic Garden, founded in 1889, now grows more than 10 000 different plants.

Zagreb railway station is a very grand building and was one of the stops on the route of the Orient Express. However there are trains to many European destinations from Zagreb e.g. Vienna is a 6 hour journey. It’s easy to get around within the city with a network of buses, trams and local trains.

Zagreb, Croatia 2009

There are several markets in Zagreb; Dolac is the main food market and Cvjetni Trg is the flower market.

Zagreb Cathedral is the city’s tallest building. The first cathedral on this site was built in the 11th century, then destroyed by the Tartars in the 13th century, rebuilt but then badly damaged by an earthquake in the 1880s. The subsequent restoration included the building of the 354 foot twin spires.


The coat of arms of Zagreb is pictured on the roof of St Mark’s Church.

St Mark's Church, Zagreb

There are lots of outdoor cafes in Zagreb, as the Croatians are big coffee drinkers.

Between Gradec and Kapitol

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