So it’s normally women that are renowned for their beauty preparations before a holiday; spray tans, pedicures and the vital bikini diet. However, we’ve recently discovered that it’s not just the ladies beautifying themselves before heading abroad, as men are just as guilty!

We spoke to almost 2,000 men around the UK; each was over the age of 21 and had been abroad on holiday in the past 3 years and we asked them to spill the beans about what they did beauty-wise before a trip abroad.

A third of men make sure they’re looking their best before a holiday

When we dared to ask, ‘Before your last holiday, did you take any steps to ensure you were looking your best?’ 31% admitted that they did. Then, we told them to explain a little bit further what exactly they did.

The results, according to our poll, were as follows;

  • Hair cut – 72%
  • Working out – 69%
  • Waxing body hair –  48%
  • Dieting – 35%
  • Sun beds – 19%
  • Hair colouring – 11%
  • Spray tan – 8%
  • Pedicure – 5%
  • Manicure – 3%
  • Facial – 1%

61% said they wanted to ‘look good’ for their trip

Just over three fifths said they did all this beauty-preparation because they wanted to look good on their holiday (for the ladies, no doubt)! However, 8% confessed to heading down to their local beauty salon just so they could flirt with the beauty therapists.

A fifth think it’s ‘not masculine’ to have beauty treatments

Of those who didn’t take part in beauty treatments before their last holiday to make sure they were looking their best, 22% said it was because they felt it wasn’t masculine to do so. 89% of the men who did make sure they were looking their best were single, suggesting that their efforts were, indeed, for the ladies!

So, what do we think? There’s nothing wrong with being in touch with your feminine side and indulging in a few beauty treatments here and there, especially before a holiday when you want to look your best. It’s obvious now it’s not just women who spend a small fortune on looking good before they jet off into the sunset!

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Posted : Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 at 11:00
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