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Springtime in Goa

It’s time to celebrate springtime in Goa

Everyone agrees that the best time to take your holiday in Goa is springtime. Not only is the weather dry and warm while not too stifling hot, but its spring festival time too!

Holi - Anjuna market

A festival that throws paint in the face of winter

Śigmo (also known as Śiśirotsava) is Goa’s version of Holi – the ancient Hindu spring festival, when everyone takes the chance to plaster their friends and family with coloured powder and water. Holi is the festival that Karl Pilkington experienced in episode 2 of the ‘Idiot Abroad’ TV series.

Lasting for two weeks in March, Śigmo sees off wintertime with a bang, or to be more precise, with the beat of massed ranks of drums and parades through the streets. If you take the chance to hunt out a Śigmo street party during your holiday in Goa, you’ll find colourful locally organised fairs and parades characterised by costumes and banners depicting the religious meaning of the festival. Local women perform a traditional dance called the Lamp Dance, in which they dance with, you guessed it, lamps on their heads. Elsewhere ‘warriors’ perform the dramatic Hanpet-Sword Dance.

Goa. Carnival. Nowt as strange as folk!

One of the most popular Śigmo parades takes place in Panaji (or Panjim), the capital of Goa, which can be reached from Central Goan beach resorts including Vainguinim Beach and Dona Paula.

Goa’s Catholic heritage means vibrant celebrations

Your springtime holiday might also coincide with Sabado Gordo (Fat Saturday), which marks the beginning of the statewide ‘Carnival’.

Goa Carnival 2009_32

Fat Saturday is the last Saturday before Lent. It kicks off Goa’s three day long Carnival, which runs until Fat or Shrove Tuesday. This year’s Carnival runs from March 5 to March 8. The festivities are, once again, most enthusiastically celebrated in the capital Panaji, and were introduced by the Catholic Portuguese colonialists who governed Goa from 1510 until 1961.

Goa Carnival 2009_15

Expect masks, balls, more street parties with floats and costumed dancers, and live music being played into the early hours.

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