Our latest poll has revealed the best looking nations in the world, according to British holidaymakers, with Sweden taking the top spot. Other good looking nations included Brazil, Spain and Italy, but what do you think?

We offer holidays to many destinations around the world and we wanted to find out which nation you thought was the best looking! We polled 1,499 people in order to find out their thoughts on which were the best looking nations, based on their experiences and opinions.

Respondents to the poll were initially asked to state which country they thought was home to the best looking people. The top ten answers were as follows:

1.       Sweden

2.       Brazil

3.       Italy

4.       Spain

5.       Australia

6.       England

7.       Austria

8.       Cuba

9.       Russia

10.   Singapore

Despite many respondents being from England, it only came in at number 6

Just missing out on the top ten were the USA, India and Mexico, in 11th, 12th and 13th place respectively.

It’s surprising that many of the respondents voted ‘England’ as one of the best looking nations, particularly because many of them were English themselves! This certainly instils confidence in our pride as a nation however, as where we may lack in sporting confidence, we certainly make up for it in confidence about our looks! There were some fairly obvious ones in there, like Brazil, Italy and Spain, but it was refreshing to see some other nations in there too, such as Singapore and Russia.

It would have been interesting to find out which nation people thought was home to the ugliest people, but we didn’t want to upset anyone…!

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Posted : Monday, July 4th, 2011 at 11:00
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