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Not Getting a Tan Tops List of Holiday Fears

It would appear that we’ve been watching too much of ‘The Only Way is Essex’ as our latest poll has revealed that ‘not getting a tan’ is Brits number one holiday fear. Lost passports and missing luggage pale in comparison, coming in at second and third on the list.

Our survey has revealed the top ten hot holiday fears of British holidaymakers. We polled 1,672 people from across the country, each of whom had been abroad on a hot holiday in the past two years.

More than half of the people we polled said that ‘not getting a tan’ was their biggest hot holiday fear

Respondents were initially asked to select all that applied from a list of possible answers to describe their holiday fears. They were also given an option to select ‘other’ if that also applied.

The top ten hot holiday fears of British holidaymakers are as follows:

1.       Not getting a tan – 57%

2.       Losing passport – 55%

3.       Missing luggage – 51%

4.       Missed flight – 48%

5.       Unsatisfactory accommodation – 46%

6.       Bad weather – 42%

7.       Running out of money – 37%

8.       Disliking resort – 27%

9.       Getting ill – 21%

10.     Sunburn – 16%

Over half of the people we asked said that none of their holiday fears had ever ruined their trip abroad

When we asked respondents if any of their holiday fears had ever ruined one of their holidays abroad, 53% said that they hadn’t. We then asked if anyone thought they were over-cautious with their holiday preparations to ensure their time away wasn’t ruined, to which a thirds, 35%, said that they thought they were.

One respondent said they feared ‘foreign birds’ when going on holiday

Of the respondents who selected ‘other’ when asked about their holiday fears, one respondent stated that they feared ‘foreign birds’ when going on holiday.

It’s perfectly normal to worry about certain things when you’re off on your holidays. Everyone wants to have the best time possible when they’re abroad, so if that means over-packing your suitcase or leaving 6 hours early to get to the airport, then so be it!

Doing your research beforehand will always help to ensure you have the best time possible whilst you’re away. Make sure you’re happy with the hotel and be sure to keep your passport in a safe place.

For those who are worried about not getting a tan, don’t worry! Just enjoy your holiday and you can always fake it when you get back- no-one will know the difference!

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