Our latest survey has found that the average female wants to lose 8lbs before they go on holiday. We carried out the study in order to find out the attitudes of women towards their pre-holiday bodies, as part of research into the effort that women put in to preparing for a holiday abroad.

From diets and tanning to beauty treatments and haircuts before you go on holiday, it would seem that looking good is even more important when you’re off abroad.

1,614 women took part in the survey

We surveyed a total of 1,614 women aged 21 and over, all of whom had all been on holiday in the past two years, in order to find out what their pre-holiday preparations were.

67% said that they went on a diet before their holiday

Respondents were initially asked ‘What steps do you take before a holiday in order to prepare for it physically?’ and were told to select all that applied to them from a list of possible answers, to which the results were as follows:

  1. Dieting – 67%
  2. Tanning (fake or sunbeds) – 48%
  3. Hair cut and/or colour – 39%
  4. Waxing – 24%
  5. Manicure and/or pedicure – 22%

Those who went on a pre-holiday diet were asked to state how much weight they aimed to lose before going away, to which the average answer was 8lbs.

9% said they didn’t do anything to prepare their appearance for their holiday

Only 9% of the women surveyed said that they didn’t make any effort to change their appearance before they went away on holiday.

On average, each woman spends £162.00 preparing

Those that did prepare were asked to state how much they spent on beauty treatments, tanning, dieting and hair cuts in total in preparation for their holiday, to which the average answer was £162.00.

For many women, there’s obviously a lot more to it than remembering your passport and making sure you’ve packed your flip flops!

We were quite surprised to learn that around two-thirds of women diet before a holiday; after all, holidays are usually about indulgence!

The most important thing is to enjoy your holiday and not worry about the smaller things!

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Posted : Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 at 11:00
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