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Tips for Getting a Spa Treatment on a Budget

Tis the season – the season of bad traffic, busy high streets, crowded transport, and family that is only bearable due to copious amounts of comfort foods.  The holidays are tough even for the most unstressed among us – but even then, you need time to relax and unwind.  Also, with the weather the way it is, you really are due for the opportunity to treat yourself.  A spa treatment is a great way to unwind and yes, gentlemen, this also applies to yourselves!

But spa treatments can be very spendy.  How do you find a treatment on a budget?  Here are some top tips.

spa on a budget

Check Facebook/Twitter for last minute openings.

I know of quite a few hotels who post their last minute openings and cancellations on social media for sometimes as much as 50% off. This means you have to have some flexibility in when and what (popular treatments – like the hot stone massage pictured above – might not be available), but if it means going without, this might be your option.

Try a local swimming pool or community centre.

On my last ski trip to Colorado, I ended up at a local community centre that had its own natural hot springs pool.  It wasn’t a luxurious environment, but for about 5 quid I ended up soaking in a steaming hot outdoor pool and the pains of the morning’s ski runs were gone.  It was fantastic.  The swimming was also a great way to stretch too.  It wasn’t the case at this facility, but I’ve also been to other pools that have treatment centres such as massages.   It’s worth checking Google – I have also been to hotels who allow you to use their facilities, such as steam rooms or hot tubs, for a small fee without having a treatment or being a guest.

Ask about packages and discounts.

You know the saying, if you don’t ask, the answer is no. (Ok, maybe I just say that.)  If your hotel doesn’t have any sort of pool or spa treatments, ask them about offers locally.  If you feel like the perfect spa treatment is in front of you but it’s not in your budget, let them know what you are looking to spend and see if they have anything for you.  Taking a cue from above, you might even head over to Twitter and see if any of your friends have recommendations or suggestions.  You never know.

Browse the local pharmacy.

If you’re travelling abroad (er, you can also just pop into Boots), take a look at the pharmacy and see what you can find as far as some de-stressing homeopathic cures.  Whether it’s simply some aromatherapy, a fresh bar of soap, or one of those facials-in-a-packet, treat yourself.  I suspect you’ve earned it.

What are your tips for budget-friendly spa?

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