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Tips for Tracking your Frequent Flyer Miles

Get a cheap hols is great. But FREE is better isn’t it? And that’s where Frequent Flyer miles come in. Miles (and points and their other derivative synonyms) are a great way if you travel regularly to get some benefit out of it.Or, even if you don’t travel but have one of those credit cards that affords you some points privileges, that works too.

But managing your miles and finding the rewards is damn hard work – sometimes, getting that promised FREE trip is next to impossible. Here are some websites that can help you avoid the website and call centre trap, and get focused on building up your mileage account and then using it.

Tips for Tracking your Frequent Flyer Miles

Using Miles

Using Miles helps you manage your miles balances across multiple accounts, and then highlights deals and opportunities to bump up your balance on both airline miles and hotel points.They also alert you when miles are about to expire, and as an added bonus, they have a search tool to help you find award seats. is similar in that you can track and manage your mileage balances, but also offers a system for you to exchange, trade, or buy miles, which is great to get a bit of coin when you don’t have enough miles to get a trip, or if you’re short just a few of getting a free trip. Another feature of is that you can cash in miles and points for paypal certificates for various online shops.


GoMiles is probably the best out of the three services I’ve reviewed and highlighted here, both in terms of support – almost every airline or hotel program I’m aware of is here (and missing ones are forthcoming), but also I really like this site’s interface. If you’re a Groupon junkie, there is also Groupon support too. Like the others, GoMiles is free and makes their money from the offers and mileage deals they share – but most of them are great deals, so its hard to complain.

Do you have to use a management tool?

These are just some of the bigger examples; you don’t have to use a site like this. Just a few things to keep in mind, either way:

  • Never let miles expire. Usually it’s 1-2 years of no activity on the account causes this to happen; a simple credit card charge or purchase of something (SkyMall catalogue anyone) solves that.
  • Book EARLY, EARLY, EARLY for award seats.  At least 3-6 months, if not more.

Points and miles are great, but there is no free lunch – they require a little work and perseverance to get that elusive free trip.

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