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Travel Inspiration on Tumblr

Do you use Tumblr?  Lots of reports are saying that our teenage generation is turning to Tumblr as opposed to Facebook or Pinterest (my thoughts on the latter here).

Honestly, I’ve been trying to get a handle on Tumblr, but sometimes it feels like it’s mostly cats talking to one another.  Or dogs, it’s hard to tell.  But that doesn’t mean I am turning up my nose – when searching on Tumblr I often find inspiration I haven’t seen elsewhere.

A random screenshot, highlighting the variety of content on Tumblr.

One way to explore the spice of life on Tumblr is via tags – similar to a Twitter hashtag, they’re just topical ideas gathered together.  My favourite Tumblr tag isn’t travel-related, but it will pique your interest: artists-on-tumblr.  It’s like walking through a wacky museum each and every day.

You can simply search for tags related to a travel destination to find out more interesting information.  I suggest including specific phrases in your search – for example, Paris Travel included a lot of photos, but I did find an old BBC piece about some unique walks, and also discovered a new neighbourhood with furnished apartments to check out.  Other search ideas I have tried are things like “London food” or “Berlin restaurants” – there’s not much of a standard, so you might have to try a couple of things.

Travel Tumblrs

The other option is to just visit popular travel tumblrs directly ([sitenamehere].tumblr.com) if they have one.  Some are better than others, but some ones that I have found which are definitely interesting:

  • Tiny World:  Excellent video clips, often featured on the Tumblr homepage
  • Lifescape Landscape: Breathtaking landscape photography.  Truly inspirational.
  • 1 New Country Per Year: A great mission, and great photos to boot.
  • City of Love: If you can’t find something you like here, you’re just too hard to please.
  • Travel Channel: They only promote their own stuff, but they do a great job with the visual treats, for sure.
  • All Things Europe:  For that European holiday you’ve been yearning for.

Do you use Tumblr?  Share your tips in the comments!

Screenshot by author of Tumblr.com.

Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes is based in sunny Portland, Oregon. When not soaking up the Pacific Northwest lifestyle or enjoying life on the road, he works on his own lifestyle publication, Plum Deluxe.

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